Have you ever had the feeling that something was wrong but could not put a finger on what it could be? Have you ever wondered if you needed to transform more than just your business? Have you searched for ways to grow and transform personally? TiE Catalyst enables just that. Change is a gradual process and most big changes are made by taking small steps every day. TiE Catalyst helps you take these small everyday steps, working towards the realisation that personal transformation leads to business transformation. Participants receive a short, five-minute voice message every day with lessons, actions and ideas to facilitate personal transformation. With a phone, a Whatsapp number and the willingness to take small steps, you can begin the journey of aligning your habits, improving prioritisation, and questioning assumptions. With over 500 exercises already complete, TiE Catalyst enables participants to consciously work towards personal transformation in a way that is consistent and sustainable. The messages received as part of TiE Catalyst will be in Tamil and you can find more information on our Tamil website.