About TiE

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is a global non-profit organisation founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals. Over the last 30 years of existence, TiE chapters worldwide have been fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and education of seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. There are currently 15,000 members (including over 3000 charter members or mentors) in 61 chapters across 14 countries. The TiE community worldwide has grown to be a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders and investors to interact with one another and forge long-lasting relationships.

Several members have formed start-ups while at TiE and are now charter members giving back to the community. TiE’s ultimate goal is to foster entrepreneurship, create wealth for both the entrepreneur and the local communities, and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

About TiE Chennai

TiE Chennai is the Chennai-based chapter of the global non-profit organisation The Indus Entrepreneurs and is one of the global community’s most active and high performing chapters. The organisation connects the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem – from early-stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and professionals at leading corporations to venture capitalists, angel investors and thought leaders, among others. With over 175 Charter Members and about 600 Associate Members, the chapter caters to the ever-evolving needs of entrepreneurs as individuals, entrepreneurship as a sector and the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tamil Nadu. 

At the heart of TiE Chennai’s activities lies a commitment to accessibility and addressing  local needs. Through independent initiatives and partnerships, we hold multiple events every month, looking to inspire, mentor and educate local entrepreneurs. Many of our initiatives are available in Tamil as well, allowing us to reach out to entrepreneurs from smaller towns across Tamil Nadu. By using various channels including WhatsApp audio, YouTube videos and live events, we have been able to make knowledge conveniently accessible to entrepreneurs from all stages of business across industries. We hope to build on this strong foundation as we forge ahead.


Salient Achievements of TiE Chennai

Pillars of TiE Chennai


TiE Chennai is the go-to information sharing platform for everyone interested in starting a business or expanding their current one. We connect individuals with mentors and offer frequent knowledge exchange sessions aimed at answering either sector-specific or early-stage entrepreneurship- related issues.


TiE Chennai is also very focused on educating, training and empowering people with the fundamental skills they need to start and grow their own business. The following are some of the programs we run:
● TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) works with high school students to provide short-term mentoring and hands-on experience in the fundamentals of launching a business.
● TiE Women's Forum works to empower women entrepreneurs across the chapter's network by addressing and resolving specific pain points and concerns that affect their entrepreneurial journey.


We believe in the value of networking, and it is central to TiE Chennai's ethos. We recognise that the most compelling knowledge sharing occurs in facilitated semi-formal venues that bring together people at all stages of their entrepreneurial careers, and we strive to establish such spaces. TiECON Chennai, the chapter's flagship event, is one such avenue, which sits at the crossroads of formal knowledge-sharing platforms and semi-formal assisted meet-and-greet possibilities.


Young businesses frequently seek intervention, handholding, and other forms of assistance. TiE Chennai recognises this need and helps the incubation of young, new companies inside the ecosystem by providing subsidised services and/or other forms of assistance.


TiE Chennai also facilitates discussions between senior businesses, industry experts, young businesses, and early-stage entrepreneurs. These discussions among Charter Members, Associate Members, angel investors, and others in the ecosystem frequently result in funding and investment for businesses in the growth stage. These networks and relationships have gone on to be critical for not only the growing enterprise’s growth but also for TiE Chennai, since many of these younger entrepreneurs come back to mentor others and strengthen the larger ecosystem.

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