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Is there an opportune time for start-ups to scale up? Or is it all in will and hard work? Raju Venkatraman, a serial entrepreneur who founded diagnostics services chain MedAll Healthcare, says the... Read More
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Mentor List: 1. Chandu Nair, Independent Consultant 2. Dorai Thodla, Founder, iMorph Innovtion Center Pvt Ltd. 3. Ram Srinivasan, Advisor, Tech Startups. 4. ... Read More
We were seven people who spoke about entrepreneurship initiatives. Few of us had ideas, few were looking for expansion and few were looking for funding. It wasn't a fund raising talk rather an... Read More
TRS Forms and Services Private Limited, an ITES organization from Chennai has won Leader of Tomorrow 2013 (south) award from ETNow and Indiamart. This award is in the ITES vertical. This is the... Read More
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A couple of days back was fortunate to have attended a lively session on “Pitch to Win” that was anchored by Ms. Annette Kramer under the aegis of TiE Chennai in collaboration with UK... Read More
To help develop others, start with yourselfGeneral Mills CEO Steve Sanger told 90 of his colleagues: "As you all know, last year my team told me that I needed to do a better job of coaching my... Read More
Mr. Ramprasad G & Ajay Jain of Enzotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. spoke on the topic of “Waste Water Management “. The two partners spoke elaborately on current trends and various... Read More
Everywhere you look, you see data — Local Servers, Data warehouses, Cloud Storage and now the biggest form of data one can imagine – Social Networks. Now just imagine the amount of... Read More