After the success of TiE Catalyst, (started to enable the Personal and Business transformation of an Entrepreneur), we started getting worried calls and texts from the Catalyst participants. The SOS messages hiked up during the COVID situation. How to handle the employees?, was the worry. Without the cooperation and willingness of the employees, the employers were not able to practise or bring in discipline in the workplace.

Immediately, TiE for Employees was conceived to make a paradigm shift in the thinking of the employees in order to enable the business transformation, for the employers.

Modules covering topics on time management, how to prepare a to do list, written communication, verbal communication, right attitude, working as a no- followup team, and much more are covered.

The feedback from the employees and employers pushed us to design and develop it as a 6 months course with one class of one hour per week(every Thursday). Infact, from the feedback of the participants ( employees), we were able to understand that this will enable, not only a business transformation for the employers but a personal transformation for the employees, in terms of discipline, attitude, work culture and a sense of satisfaction of being able to do things in the right way and help the organization grow for the better.