1) The Indic Way – Power Series -“Change Please” – The Power to Transform (30.05.2020)

Why should I change? I am fantastic as I am. Or so, I think. And, therefore, not even aware that, to evolve, I need to change. Even if I get to know, I would, probably, stoutly deny the need to change, and keep justifying my current nature. Even if I accept that I need to change, I do not know how, towards what direction, and what is it that I need to acquire. And, what will I evolve into?
In this session, we will explore the beauty, elegance and strength of the butterfly that lies within us, and the power we possess to transform ourselves. We will understand the driving forces behind our nature and how we can leverage them to add fragrance and strength to our personality, the superior person that we could evolve into – to become fully equipped to enjoy and flourish in the journey of life

2) The Indic Way – Power Series – Beyond A, B, C, D – The Power of Learning (24.06.2020)

“When I was young, they sent me to school, but I never let that interfere with my education”, said Mark Twain. So, how much do we learn in the classroom and how much do we learn outside? And, how much of it is beyond Maths, Physics and Chemistry? And, anything that can get us ready for life?
We don’t even realise that we need to learn. We assume that our academic qualifications are good enough. And yet, we stumble and fumble when life poses its questions and challenges. In this session, we will get introduced to powerful concepts, that are far beyond the A, B, C, Ds that we have been exposed to so far, and the methods and processes for acquiring this knowledge and wisdom – that can provide us answers and approaches to successfully navigate the twists and turns of life.

3) The Indic Way – Power Series | Should I, Shouldn’t I? – The Power of Choice (24.07.2020)

What is that capability, which no other species has, that only human beings are blessed with? It is the power of “choice”. Yet, in life, many of us do not exercise this power.
We are not referring to simple decisions like “Red or Yellow”? “Tandoori or Chinese”? “Holiday in Kodai or in Goa”? “Stick to your price or give a discount”? “Select candidate A or candidate B”? These choices are easier to make.
However, the journey of life requires larger issues to be addressed. Can I choose to be healthy or wealthy? Can I choose to be successful? Can I choose to be happy? Can I choose who I want to be, what I want to do, and with whom? 

4) The Indic Way – Power Series | Who’s got the remote? | The Power over Emotions (21.08.2020)

“She’s deliberately late, just to irritate me” “How can she say that about me? It really hurts.” “I am scared to enter his room, as he will surely yell at me.” “My mother-in-law is coming to stay with us. There goes my peace of mind.”. “You didn’t do it and you didn’t tell me? I am so angry.” “What will happen if I don’t pass? I am so anxious.” “The mixie’s broken again and guests are coming. You always buy cheap things to make my life miserable.”
You said that, she didn’t tell me that, you did that, she didn’t do that, this happened, that shouldn’t have happened, etc., all leading to various negative emotions that surface – like annoyance, anger, fear, anxiety, hurt, sadness, disgust, jealousy, …, creating troublesome rattles and disturbances in your mind.
Who holds the remote to your emotions? How do you reduce/eliminate them? How do you take control? Watch the session below to get some answers and approaches

5) The Indic Way – Power Series | What do I do now? – The Power of Action (21.10.2020)

Things were great till I was in college. Carefree, chilling out with friends, life was a breeze. But now that I am married, have children, am building my career, looking after elders in the family, and shouldering so many personal and professional responsibilities, life has become full of challenges. Nothing of what I expect seems to happen. And, so many unexpected difficulties keep cropping up. I get frustrated, anxious, angry, and just tired battling something or other.
How do I manage all these? How do I handle unexpected events and difficult situations? How do I get on top of things? How can I overcome these challenges without getting disturbed and agitated? What Do I Do Now? Log in to this session below to get some answers and approaches.

6) The Indic way – Power series | Knowing Me, Knowing You – The Power to Nurture Relationships(25.11.2020 )

“You were not like this when we got married.” “I just can’t stand that side of the family.” “He was a good friend when we were young but now, he has become so selfish and arrogant.” “My boss is unbearable, as is my colleague.” “I just don’t know how to handle them.” “People can be a pain.” “People are a mystery.” “Why can’t they be nice?”
Why is it that you have a good relationship with some people and no equation with some others? And many a time, with people who matter – at home, in the family, and at work? And, the relationships are stressed and create uneasiness, rattles/disturbances in your mind. Is it possible to build/nurture healthy equations/ relationships with anyone? Thereby making your interactions (a substantial part of your life) pleasant and meaningful? Log in to this session to get some answers and approaches.

7) “Chaos to Clarity” – The Power of the Intellect(17-12-2020)

When expectations are not met, when we don’t get the things we want, when unforeseen events happen, when relationships are strained, or when the future is uncertain, our mind gets disturbed and agitated.In many such situations, big or small, we get disappointed, angry, upset, anxious or scared. Or, feel sad and dejected. We shout and scream at the people involved, or moan and groan about the situation. We get stressed out and all mixed up. We just keep reacting, and sometimes, not sure about what we should do. Our mind goes into turmoil.In the earlier Indic sessions, we have discussed many specific situations and have been referring to the “intellect”. So, what is this “intellect”? Where is it? Is it available to me? How do I access it? And, what can it do for me?Log in to this session to understand how we can tap into the power of the intellect to achieve clarity and objectivity, to be able to combat life’s twists and turns with ease, as well as continuously chart a course for the way forward – towards a life filled with success and joy.

8) “I’m Gonna Do It” – The Power to Succeed (21.01.2021)

We all want to be successful. We put in our best efforts. There is no doubting our commitment, sincerity, knowledge and hard work. However, it doesn’t seem to be guaranteed. Neither is it proportional to the efforts taken. Success seems to be elusive. Yet, some people are successful in all the things that they undertake. Are they doing something unique, or are they just lucky?
What powers success? What should we do to make success certain? In this session, we shall cover the factors that influence success and the time-tested approaches and practices that would get us there. We’ll understand the magic for success, in all aspects of our life – personal, professional, business, in all the tasks that we do, and in all our important relationships.

9) “Riding the Rollercoaster” The Power for Happiness (24.02.2021)

“… and they lived happily ever after” is how most fairy tales end. Can we live happily ever after – ever after any event in our life? Happy ever after we get a job? Or, ever after we get married? Ever after we get children? Ever after we have achieved material prosperity and success? Or, ever after “something else” – if and when that “something else” happens?We also know that life is a rollercoaster. And, therefore, includes twists and turns, and ups and downs. Can we live in happiness through all that? Or, is happiness-ever-after a myth, and it can at best be happiness-on-occasions? And, unhappiness/misery at other times?In this session, we shall cover the factors that influence happiness and the time-tested approaches and practices to stay happy and joyous. We’ll understand the power for happiness, not in a fairy tale, but in real life.