1) Superior via Greatness Ordinariness (29-04-2021)

Why do people listen to you? Why do they wish to follow you or work for you, or wish to become your partner (in life, or in business)? Why does someone respect you? Not necessarily because you are the strongest, the smartest, the richest, or the most beautiful, or the most talented. Is there a superior aspect hidden in your normal, natural, ordinary self, which people can see/experience, and which can propel you towards success, with ease and felicity?
In this session, we shall introduce you to the three pillars that form the foundation of this new series – “The Power of Ordinariness”, “Learning from the Lilliputians”, and “Towards Becoming Superior”, – from which we could acquire concepts, approaches and strategies to enhance our performance in all our endeavours, and to nurture meaningful relationships with the people in our lives, and thereby embrace success and joy.